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posted 16 Dec 2013, 09:54 by Phillip Rushforth
It has been a while since the TV series "Help, my house is falling down" was last aired, but the concept is the same.
If you are borrowing money to help to fund a house purchase, it is almost certain that the lender will insist on you paying for a "Valuation Survey" - this is not a house survey.
This is purely a check that the property that you are buying is worth about what you are paying of it. 
You do not see the results of the 'survey' because it is not a survey. It is an assessment of the likely value of the property.
You could opt to pay the lender's extra charge in order to obtain a proper survey, often, this will cost you more than paying for an independent survey.
If you are lucky enough not to require a loan, then you don't need a valuation (other than asking other Estate Agent)s, but you are strongly advised to have a survey.
FCS House Surveys provide independent surveys on the condition of your next property. If it's beyond our experience, we'll tell you and decline to quote, but for more than 80% of UK properties, we are there for you.