Real life example

How one of our customers saved £35,000


Mr Allen was keen on a house locally and decided to get a House Survey costing him £402, to give him peace of mind on the big decision he was about to make. The post-survey report displayed there were many more issues with the property than he had seen, so he got some tradesman’s quotations for the cost of addressing the issues. Feeling confident that he now knew about the property’s true condition Mr Allen put an offer in to buy it, one which reflected the cost of the corrective work required. The accepted offer was £35,000 less than the asking price.


A House Survey for sellers:

Buyers can commission surveys to spot potential faults in condition. The results can lead them to pulling out of the deal or reducing the sale price offered. By commissioning a House Survey yourself, you can fix any issues, to stop them becoming liabilities.


A House Survey for buyers:

Just imagine if Mr Allen hadn’t had the survey…. Finding these faults in the future would have cost him financially. Yet again, the House Survey paid off through being able to negotiate based on fact to achieve a reduced purchase price.