FCS House Surveys can help you identify the true condition of the houses you are selling and buying, so you can get the best price and no nasty surprises.

FCS House Surveys will help you understand the property’s internal condition, structural soundness and more.

FCS House Surveys are also accredited to assess properties with thatched roofs.

There are many aspects of thatched roofs that require examination and the roof of a thatched property is one of the most expensive elements to repair or replace. Can you afford to skip a survey and potentially face the cost of a new roof (£50,000 or more)?

With an office local to the area of Bicester, Banbury, Buckingham, Oxford, Milton Keynes and Brackley areas, we provide confidence to house buyers and sellers through our surveys. Often our house surveys can save you money when it comes to negotiating the sale.

Additionally to House Survey services, FCS House Surveys provide Energy Performance Certificates (EPC's), Energy Advice and Floor Plans.
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Questioning the best option?
Buying and selling your home can be time consuming and expensive - make sure your house survey is not another thing to worry about. Use FCS House Surveys for a cost effective survey, which tells you what you need to know in an easy to understand manner. To find out more - compare the different survey types